How to keep a good posture at your desk

In a modern world with the use of computers is largely involved, many jobs make you spend an average of 9 hours in a sitting position. Even though working at a desk doesn’t seem like a very dangerous situation, some studies have confirmed that people who work in offices and spend a long time sitting in front of a screen are more likely to get harmed. Indeed, our anatomy is not necessarily made for spending the majority of everyday in the same position.

So what to do to avoid computer and desk-related injuries? Read more

Osteopath in London – Osteopathy London

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a drug free holistic treatment, concentrating on the health of the entire body. It is concerned with the health of your bones, muscles and ligaments (also called musculoskeletal framework) and how they function together. Osteopathy in London can detect, treat or even prevent health issues through the use of massage, stretching and physical manipulation. Read more

Physiotherapist London, Physiotherapy London, Treatment and Rehabilitation in Moorgate & Belgravia

What is physiotherapy in London? Physiotherapist in Belgravia and Moorgate

Physiotherapy in London treats injury, illness or disability using physical methods such as massage, manual therapy, exercise and heat treatment in order to restore movement and function. It looks and treats the body as a whole, so except from rehabilitation it also offers education and advice in order to reduce the risk of further injury or illness in the future. Read more