Neurological Treatment London , Physiotherapy & walk at Home or at the practice in Moorgate & Belgravia

london_physiotherapy_nurologyNeurological condition can have a big impact on people’s lives and those around them. That is why we believe that everything has to be done to reduce this impact to the minimum by giving the patient as much autonomy and comfort as possible in the everyday life. In order to do this, we are using the most efficient treatment and home adaptation.

At London Home Visit Physiotherapy we have specialised neuro physiotherapist who have a wide experience with patient with neurological condition.

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment which suits you or would like a home visit, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Neurological Physiotherapy Treatment at Home in London

Our neuro physiotherapist comes to you so you don’t need to worry about transfer, just save your energy for your session. Our physiotherapist can treat you at home   or at your care home anywhere in London. Our Neurological physiotherapy treatment programs are specifically designed for your needs. After an initial assessment, the neuro physiotherapist will define a tailored program and exercises to meet your goal and help you overcome all the obstacles of your daily life.

If you impairment allows it and if you prefer, we can also treat you at the light centre Moorgate in the city of London or in Belgravia near Victoria Station.

What will you do during you neurological physiotherapy rehabilitation at home in London

In every session, you will be working on different exercises focusing on stretching or strengthening your muscles, balance and postural awareness and control. If needed, our therapist will assess your walk and teach you how to use suitable aids. He can also help you to choose which  equipment is the most adapted to your needs and to your home.

Our Neuro physiotherapy teach also to the family members of the patient, how they can help and which exercises they can do.

Depending on your condition the physiotherapist will define with you or your family the amount of sessions needed per week for the best and most effective result.

We’ll help you recover, improve your quality of life and most important, we will help you realise you full potential!!

For which neurological condition our neuro physiotherapist in London can help

Our Neuro physiotherapist can help you with:

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

For home visit physiotherapy call : 0207 125 0262

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