Osteopathy treatment, Osteopath at home in London or in our Osteopathy clinic

osteopath LondonWhat is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths use different osteopathy techniques allowing the body to heal itself using its own healing mechanisms. 
It is a completely natural therapy, which identifies and treats mobility restrictions.

How does osteopathy work?

By working on the integral structure of the body, and looking at how bones, muscles and connective tissues work together, osteopathy will restore your body to a balance. 
The patient is assessed from a functional and postural angle, treating the body as a whole structure. Osteopathy is a holistic approach, which focuses on the root of the problems rather than fixing the consequences.

Osteopathy has been proven to help with chronic headaches, back pain and lumbago, as well as hernias and scoliosis, shoulder pain, neck pain, ankle injuries, depression. In fact, osteopathy can treat and relieve any pains or stains due to traumas.

Osteopath in London

Our osteopaths come from some of the most prestigious osteopathy school in London, UK, France and Australia. They all have extensive training and have done post-diploma courses to deliver our patients the most efficient and gentle osteopathy technique.

Our osteopaths work closely with patients to help them achieve a high level of wellness. Our osteopath will not only fixe your injury or pain; they will treat the deeper cause of your pain for long-lasting relief.

We are covered by health insurance companies and recognised by Axa ppp (Bupa doesn’t cover osteopathy)

For appointments with our osteopath call: 0207 125 0262 / 07824553765 or Book online

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Osteopathy Treatment in London with some of the best osteopaths in London

To offers the best rehabilitation possible to our patients, we have hired some of the best osteopaths in London. Our London osteopaths are specialised in different field of osteopathy. Some of our London osteopaths are specialised in musculoskeletal osteopathy to treat conditions such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hips or sports injuries, ankle sprain, knee pain, or any injuries related to training.

Some of our osteopaths in London are more specialised into women’s health, pregnancy and babies conditions as pelvic pain during and after pregnancy, back pain during pregnancy, migraine, osteopathy to treat baby reflux or baby cranial osteopathy

For some conditions whose cause is due to a bone or vertebral displacement or related to a visceral problem, it is sometimes necessary to use an osteopath to begin or continue your rehabilitation in the best conditions possible.

Combine Osteopathy and Physiotherapy for a long-lasting relief

Working with some of the best osteopaths in London, allow us to offer our patients a complete and efficient rehabilitation. Because some conditions are more easily treated by osteopathy than by physiotherapy or because both physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are complementary when we see that a condition can be fixed faster with an osteopathy session or that an osteopathy session can help our rehabilitation we propose our patients to see one of our osteopath in London.

Once the treatment is over, our osteopath will keep us informed of the results in order to keep as much consistency in our respective treatments.

Osteopathy at home in London

Our osteopath offers home visit osteopathy treatments for patients who cannot come to our osteopathy clinic in London. Osteopathy at home is not different than our osteopathy treatment at the practice. You will feel the same relief but with the advantage of being able to take the time to relax after you session in the comfort of your home.

Osteopath in Moorgate Monument, Clapham and Belgravia

We welcome our patient in our three osteopathy clinics in London

  • At the Light Centre Belgravia, near London Victoria station
  • At the Light Centre Monument, in the city of London near London Bridge and Bank
  • In our osteopathy practices in Clapham between Clapham south and Clapham Common

Osteopath in London: For Which Pathologies Osteopathy Can Help?

Osteopathy treatments

  • Osteopathy for Chronic headaches / Migraines
  • Osteopathy for Anxiety, stress and sleep disorders
  • Osteopathy for Acute back pain
  • Osteopathy for Chronic back pain
  • Osteopathy for neck pain
  • Osteopathy for Chronic neck pain
  • Osteopathy for Chronic pain from work postural issues
  • Osteopathy for Sport injuries
  • Osteopathy for General tension
  • Osteopathy for Trapezium tension
  • Osteopathy for Foot pain
  • Osteopathy for Unbalanced posture
  • Osteopathy for Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Osteopathy for Sciatica
  • Osteopathy for Groin pain

Visceral Osteopathy to treat Digestive issues 

  • Osteopathy for Chronic respiratory illnesses
  • Osteopathy for Heartburn, reflux
  • Osteopathy for Nausea
  • Osteopathy for Vomiting
  • Osteopathy for Constipation
  • Osteopathy for Diarrhoea

Osteopathy for General wellness and respiratory

  • Osteopathy for Breathing difficulty
  • Osteopathy for Anxiety
  • Osteopathy for Stress
  • Osteopathy for Sleeping disorder
  • Osteopathy for Migraines
  • Osteopathy for Tiredness
  • Osteopathy for Poor blood circulation

What are the different osteopathy techniques that osteopaths can use?

The different techniques used by our osteopaths in London are:

  • Myofascial release osteopathy, which uses constant pressure until release is achieved. It is primarily used for myofascial structures.
  • Cranial and Craniosacral osteopathy uses light touch to feel and ‘listen’ to your body much like when the medical history is taken. Contacts are made at the base of the spine, the head as well as other areas depending on the symptoms.
  • Soft tissue osteopathy or manipulations is a manual technique used to to stretch or relax dysfunctional soft tissue structures.
  • Visceral osteopathy technique, our visceral organs form an important part of our anatomy and physiology, making them a significant consideration when formulating an osteopathic diagnosis and treatment plan. The holistic approach to osteopathy emphasises this. This is usually preformed through a gentle external massage often on the abdomen.

All you need to know about osteopathy. FAQ

Osteopathy what to expect?

During an osteopathy session, you can expect a full assessment of your pathology, a series of osteopathic tests to determine where are the tensions that cause you pain. Once the osteopath has determined what is the cause of your pain, he will use the appropriate osteopathy techniques and will start releasing all the negative tensions around this area.

How often should you have osteopathy

During the initial osteopathy treatment, the osteopath will rebalance your body then you need to leave the time to your body to adapt to this correct balance before having another session. We usually advice a session every week at the beginning of the treatment, then every 2 weeks. And for patients who wish to consolidate the treatment, we advice 1 session a month or every 2 months to rebalance any tension that could reappear.

Can osteopathy help sciatica?

Yes, it does. Osteopathy is actually a great treatment to release symptoms of sciatica. We usually combine osteopathy with physiotherapy. Osteopath will release the pain and tension and the physiotherapist will work on your back and abdominal muscles with stretching and exercises to protect your back and avoid sciatica to trigger pain.

Can osteopathy make you worse?

No, our osteopath doesn’t use old cracking techniques. The new osteopathy techniques are more smooth, gentle but effective than previous treatment.

Note that by rebalancing your body, you can feel a slight increase of pain the day after, but only because the body which was used to bad tensions needs to adapt to the correct ones implemented by the osteopath

How much does osteopathy cost?

Even if our osteopath are some of the experience osteopaths in London. We try to keep our price as low as possible to allow everyone to have access to our treatment. Osteopathy session starts at £65

How much is cranial osteopathy for babies?

Exactly the same as normal osteopathy, there is no reason why you should pay more for your baby when cranial osteopathy can help your baby starting his life with the best health possible. To read about cranial osteopathy click on this link: Cranial osteopathy for babies

Booking your osteopathy session online is easy and will make you save time, give it a try!

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.