Press & Testimonies

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osteopathy london“The Physio was able to rehabilitate my shoulder which had been unstable and weak after a football accident. He knew how to start with gentle physiotherapy techniques and exercises and was able to get me back to a stage where i can go back to exercise in a better condition. I highly recommend him.”
Saud Mohammed Alsaud: Prince of Saudi Arabia.

“Five Stars treatment on my ankle. Back to running after 3 months of pain. I am glad i found you guys.”
Steve T

“Two sessions with their osteopath and my neck was brand new. I highly recommend.”
Ewan J

“Finally some physiotherapists who know what they are doing. Thank you for making my back painless again.”
John P

Back Pain

“I pulled a back muscle on a Sunday, the day before an important business meeting in NYC. I called up for an emergency appointment and the physiotherapist arrived within [number] hours and delivered top class service.”

Jim T., Maida Vale

“I started having lower back pain and decided to see the osteopath from [practice name]. They managed to fix my problem in 2 sessions and the pain hasn’t returned.“

Charlotte W., Hampstead

Neck Pain

“I was having intense neck pain from staying long hours in front of the computer. The physio managed to treat the pain and also gave me advice on what to do for it to not come back.”

Marta M., Crouch End

Personal Training

“I started developing a spare tyre around my waist after I hit 40 and wasn’t happy with it. The personal trainer helped me get rid of it with exercise that didn’t feel too difficult for a novice like me and with nutrition advice that helped me start eating better.”

Matthew E., Chiswick

“I wanted to have a more toned body but I lack discipline to go to the gym regularly. The personal trainer motivated me with varied routines and I now even work out on my own! He is also a physiotherapist, so the massage after some tough sessions was a blessing!”

Laura M, South Kensington

“After seeing very little result from going to the gym, I decided to give personal training a go. I now have the six-pack I always wanted, and I exercise regularly in Regent’s Park, both on my own and with my PT. I can’t imagine myself without him anymore!”

Craig D., Marylebone

“I was training for a half marathon, but sustained a knee injury in the process. I chose [PT name] as my personal trainer because he is also a physiotherapist and could help me recover from the injury and train safely. I am so happy both with my recovery and with my ranking at the half marathon!”

Marion P, Notting Hill


“My father had hip replacement surgery, but the NHS wasn’t doing anything to help his recovery. The physiotherapist came to our place on a regular basis and was very patient with dad. He can now walk perfectly again and is much more independent.”

Sarah P., Clapham

“The osteopath has helped me a lot getting better with my facial palsy. The symptoms are a lot milder and I feel much more confident about myself again.”

Lisa S., Hammersmith

“I had migraines and tension headaches for years. I went to several doctors but couldn’t find any treatment. The osteopath managed to find the cause and treated them with manual therapy over several weeks. I am now pretty much pain free.”

Samantha P, Highgate

“Their osteopath is amazing! I felt so much better even after the first session. Totally recommend her.”

David C, Bayswater

“I am a dancer and sprained my ankle while on holiday. It was really important for me to be treated quickly when I got back to London, and [practice name] was able to give me a same day appointment. I am really pleased with my recovery and the knowledge and professionalism of the physiotherapist that treated me.”

Maya M, Chelsea

“My shoulder was killing me for over a month. Nobody could find the reason why and I was still on the waiting list for physiotherapy through the NHS. The osteopath came to treat me at home, which felt like luxury when I was in so much pain, and worked some magic on me. When he asked me to write this review I had totally forgotten I had this pain before.”

Nadia A., Crouch End