Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Treatment in London with Our Physiotherapist Specialised in Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation at Home or at Our Practices in Monument EC3, Belgravia Victoria SW1 and Clapham SW4.

Sprained Ankle Physiotherapist in London, Physio Specialised in Sports Physiotherapy and Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation


Ankle sprain is the most common ankle injury and can happen for various reasons, whether it’s a chronicankle pain or acute ankle injury due to a fall or sports activities. Our physiotherapists in London are specialised in all sorts of ankle sprain and ankle pain, with high-level qualifications in orthopaedics and sports injury rehabilitation.

Sprained Ankle Sport Physiotherapy Treatment

Our sport physio for sprained ankle treatment will use personalised rehabilitation programmes and modern techniques to ease the pain of your ankle sprain, treat the condition and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Physiotherapy for ankle sprain helps ensure long-lasting results by not only resolving the present issue but also increasing the ankle muscle’s strength and balance, in order to avoid repetitive ankle sprains.

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Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Treatment, Sports Physiotherapists Specialising in Ankle Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation in London at Home or at Our Clinics in London at Our Practices in Monument Moorgate EC3, Belgravia SW1 or Clapham SW4.

Our team of highly trained orthopaedic and sports physiotherapists and osteopaths provide sprained ankle treatments at our practices in London:

  • Our clinic in Monument near Bank, Moorgate and London Bridge
  • Our clinic in Belgravia Westminster near Victoria, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square
  • Our clinic in Clapham near Battersea and Balham

If you cannot find a suitable appointment in your clinic of preference, you can choose any of the others as our clinics are located just 10-15 minutes` travel from each other.

Sprained Ankle Physio Treatment at Home in London, Home Visit Physiotherapy

If your ankle sprain limits your movements or if you cannot attend the clinic for any reason and prefer the comfort of your own home, we can offer sprained ankle physiotherapy assessment and treatment at your place in London.

Sprained Ankle Physiotherapy Covered by All Major Health Insurances incl. AXA, BUPA, CIGNA

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA InternationalAXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

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Running Injury Physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapist will help you treat your running injury, and advise you on how to get back to running safely as well as how to avoid any further issues.

Ankle Strain Physiotherapy

Treat and/or avoid ankle strain with sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy treatment and advice, a personalised rehabilitation program to help every of your needs.

More Information about Sprained Ankle Treatment, Ankle Injury and Ankle Pain Physio Rehabilitation in London

What Is an Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprain is defined by the ligaments of the ankle being torn or overstretched. This can be an acute ankle sprain: fall, accident, overextension – as well as a repetitive ankle sprain due to work, daily movements or sports activities for example.

Ankle sprains happen most often when the foot rolls outwards, stretching the ligament too far while stepping on an uneven surface, running or stepping on someone during a sports activity for example.

Ankle Sprain Levels of Severity

  • Mild ankle sprain is when the ligaments of the ankle are stretched but not torn. Your ankle still feels stable, and the pain is tolerable.
  • Moderate ankle sprain is when one or more ligaments of the ankle are torn, but only partially. This limits the ankle mobility and brings ankle swelling alongside ankle pain.
  • Severe ankle sprain is when one or more ligaments of the ankle are completely torn, bringing total instability to the ankle. The pain is high and you cannot move your ankle.

What Are the Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle?

Signs of an ankle sprain may show as per below:

  • Swollen ankle
  • Bruised ankle
  • Painful ankle
  • Red ankle
  • Warm ankle
  • Unstable ankle
  • Difficulty walking

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle?

The efficiency of ankle sprain treatment varies depending on the severity of the ankle injury. Mild ankle sprain solutions can involve the RICE method:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

For painful ankle sprain solutions, medication such as anti-inflammatory tablets can help manage the ankle pain.

What to Do if My Ankle Sprain Doesn’t Heal?

If your sprained ankle symptoms haven’t disappeared after applying the RICE method for 2 to 3 days maximum, best is to seek help from a physiotherapist or your doctor who will investigate your ankle sprain, its severity and what ankle sprain treatment you may need. Further tests may be involved such as scan or x-ray to determine what in your ankle is really affected (e.g. any damage on your bones).

How Can Physiotherapy Help My Ankle Sprain?

Our physiotherapist for ankle sprain in London will be your best chance to recover from an ankle sprain injury. The first sessions will involve physio diagnosis of your ankle sprain to help determine which part of the ankle is affected, which ligament and what ankle sprain physiotherapy treatment you will need.

Our ankle pain physiotherapist will help you manage your ankle pain, regain strength and movement and advise you on how to avoid repetitive ankle sprain injuries. Ankle sprain physio can include various techniques of ankle sprain rehabilitation:

  • Ankle sprain pain management
  • Ankle strengthening exercises
  • Ankle joint manipulation
  • Ankle soft-tissue massage
  • Ankle balance exercises

Ankle sprain physiotherapy will help you release your ankle sprain symptoms as well as rehabilitate your ankle strength and mobility for long-lasting results. Ankle sprain physio doesn’t end up right when your ankle sprain treatment is done, but will also help with ankle sprain prevention and advices on your daily activities and sports activities, to make sure you do not injure your ankle again.

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Why Do I Keep Spraining My Ankle?

If you’ve already suffered from ankle sprain injury but never got it treated on time, you may end up getting repetitive ankle sprain injuries.

As ankle sprain involves the overstretching of one or more ligaments of your ankle, with time the laxity of these ligaments can result into an unsteady ankle, more prone to ‘roll’ and therefore get injured again. That’s why one first ankle sprain can lead to further repetitive ankle injuries if they’re not treated soon enough with ankle sprain physiotherapy.

Chronic ankle sprain physiotherapy can still help you strengthen your muscles and get back to stability with the correct ankle sprain physio rehabilitation plan and very regular ankle sprain physio sessions.

How Fast Can Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Rehabilitate My Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprain physio rehabilitation can take more or less time, all depending on the severity of your ankle sprain.

  • Mild ankle sprain physiotherapy can take up to 2-3 weeks to totally manage the ankle sprain recovery
  • Moderate ankle sprain physiotherapy will take more time to rehabilitate the ankle as the damage is more extensive. It can take up to 4-8 weeks for your ankle sprain symptoms to dissolve and your ankle to get back to full function.
  • Severe ankle sprain physiotherapy treatment duration will vary depending on if a tear, rupture or even broken bone(s) are present. Severe ankle sprain rehabilitation may involve surgery and increases the time of ankle sprain recovery, which can then take several months.

How to Prevent an Ankle Sprain from Happening?

As ankle sprain injury can easily result in repetitive ankle sprain, you can follow daily advices to help lower the risk of getting injured again:

  • Ankle strengthening physiotherapy: our ankle sprain physiotherapist can advise on ankle strengthening exercises to reduce the chance of ankle sprain, whether it’s for day-to-day life or sports activities.
  • Wear the right shoes: for everyday or during sports activities, be aware that wearing shoes with good stability will improve the support of your ankle.
  • Ankle taping: if you have a weak ankle, ask your physiotherapist about taping. This can be a good method for keeping your ankle steadier during sports activities.
  • Be careful of the surface you run, walk, play on: uneven surfaces with holes, gravel, rocks can immediately increase the risk of ankle sprains.

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