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Our expert physiotherapists in London have many years of training and experience in treating ankle strain,and any other ankle pain or ankle injuries. Specialised in sports physiotherapy, they will bring you the best treatment for strained ankle using personalised physio techniques and the latest protocol, assuring a safe ankle strain recovery and helping you prevent any other injury from happening with many recommendations and tailored physio exercises.

What is an Ankle Strain?

An ankle strain is an injury of the muscle or tendon in the ankle, which can either be pulled, twisted or torn. Strained ankle can be acute, following a single trauma like a bad movement or a fall ­– or chronic, appearing gradually over several days or weeks due to an overuse of the ankle muscles (e.g. playing sports regularly).

Strained ankle may not come as a serious injury, but you should seek physiotherapy help and monitor your symptoms to be sure that your ankle strain recovers properly and avoid the injury to worsen or appear again in the future. If you are doing sport it is even more important to manage your ankle strain properly as it can give you long-term pain during your training if not managed accurately.

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What Symptoms to look for if my Ankle is Strained?

Tendons are made of fibrous tissue and connect the muscles to the bones. Ankle strain is the result of overstretching, tearing or twisting ankle tendons (and/or ankle muscles)

Your ankle may be strained if you’re experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Ankle pain: depending on the severity of your ankle strain, the pain following your injury may appear gradually or straight after you hurt yourself.
  • Swollen ankle, inflammation and or/ redness: swelling around the affected ankle may be the result of an ankle strain. Due to the inflammation, it is also possible that your ankle feels warm when touching it.
  • Weak ankle and muscle cramps: if your ankle is strained, it possible that you end up suffering with muscle cramps around the ankle area, in your feet, shins or calves for example. This will limit your ability to carry on with daily activities such as walking or running.
  • Limited movements: if your ankle strain is quite serious, your ankle pain may limit even more your range of motion as simple as walking without limping.

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Our team of highly trained orthopaedic and sports physiotherapists and osteopaths offer strained ankle treatments at our practices in London:

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Ankle Strain Home Visit Physiotherapy, Strained Ankle Physio Treatment at Home in London

If your mobility is too limited due to your ankle strain, if you cannot attend the clinic for any schedule reason or simply prefer the comfort of your own home, we can offer ankle physiotherapy assessment and treatment at your home in London.

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Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist specialised in ankle pain can help you recover from your ankle sprain with tailored methods and exercises, and avoid any future injury.

Sports Physiotherapy

If you suffer from a sports injury, need help to get back to training or start from scratch, our physiotherapists specialised in personal training can help.

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What Ankle Strain Treatment Do Physiotherapists Offer?

If the symptoms of your ankle strain haven’t disappeared within three days, it is best to seek help from a qualified physiotherapist. The sooner you contact your physio to assess and treat your ankle strain, the more chance you have to recover quickly and efficiently.

In most mild ankle strains, the physiotherapist will help your ankle regain as much movement as possible.

The physio will tailor a rehabilitation plan to ease your ankle pain with various techniques of manipulation and soft-tissue massages, as well as ankle balance and strengthening exercises. The ankle physiotherapist will also teach you ankle exercises to do at home in-between sessions. Doing ankle strengthening exercises prescribed by your physiotherapy on a daily basis will help restore complete function to your ankle muscles and get back to a full range of movement.

On top of your ankle strain treatment, your physiotherapist will also provide advice to make sure you avoid any future ankle injury and prevent other ankle strains from happening again.

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How Quickly Can I Recover from an Ankle Strain with Ankle Strain Physiotherapy?

Ankle strain can heal at a different pace depending on the severity of the injury. For most cases of mild ankle strains, the full function of your ankle, movement and strength should be back within a few weeks with the appropriate physiotherapy rehabilitation.

If, however, your ankle strain is severe, it might take longer, or go further into treatment with the combination of medication, equipment such as protective boot or – for severe cases, ankle surgery.

How to Avoid Ankle Strains?

Like any sports injury, ankle strain can be prevented with the right exercises and warm up, which is not only for athletes. On a daily basis before getting on with your day, stretching your muscles may prevent from muscle injury such as ankle strain.

Your physiotherapist specialised in sports physio can help you enable a stretching routine to help your ankle muscles as well as any other muscle, in order to strengthen them and avoid further injury. Following your physiotherapist’s advice with regular ankle stretching and muscle stretching will decrease your chance of getting repetitive ankle strains.

How to Treat My Ankle Strain?

Most mild ankle strains can resolve by themselves within a few days if you apply the RICE method:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

You can also use anti-inflammatory medication to help decrease the pain. However, if the symptoms of your ankle strain don’t disappear after a few days or the ankle pain increases, you may need further assessment and treatment such as physiotherapy for ankle strain.

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If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

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