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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a drug free holistic treatment, concentrating on the health of the entire body. It is concerned with the health of your bones, muscles and ligaments (also called musculoskeletal framework) and how they function together. Osteopathy in London can detect, treat or even prevent health issues through the use of massage, stretching and physical manipulation.

What does Osteopathy treat?

Osteopaths in London treat a number of different conditions related to the musculoskeletal framework. It is suitable for women, men and children of all ages and addresses conditions specific to each of these groups. Osteopathy treat the following conditions in a holistic and global manner for a long-lasting result. Our osteopath in London have all between 6 and 10 years experiences to treat the following.

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You can see an osteopath in London if you suffer from any of the common conditions below

The benefits of osteopathy

Osteopathy reduces the stiffness in joints and increases joint mobility. So if you feel stiff or hear clicking noises from your joints, you will benefit greatly from seeing a good osteopath in London.

An osteopath relieves muscle tension and reduces muscular pain, whether that’s part of your rehabilitation from an injury, or you’re just tense from sitting in front of a computer for several hours every day. The physical manipulation also enhances the blood supply in your tissues and hence helps the body heal itself.

Osteopathy can also relieve stress and reduce the pain from headaches and migraines. Done over a period of time, it can reduce the number of migraine attacks significantly.

Pregnant women can also benefit from seeing an osteopath. They can help them prepare for an easier, less painful delivery and also help with back pain or pelvic pain during the pregnancy.

Finally, osteopathy can help significantly reduce baby reflux and baby colic, as well as constipation in babies.

Article by James Turgis, Chartered physiotherapist

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