Online Physiotherapy Consultation Telehealth

How does Online physiotherapy work?

I know what you’re thinking: “how my physiotherapist can treat me without using their hands?” As a matter of fact, hands-on physiotherapy is only a small part of what we do.

In this article, we will see how a physiotherapist can treat you through video calls

All you need to know about online physiotherapy consulation

Online Physiotherapy, telehealth: Physiotherapy assessment

Being a physio is a bit like being a detective. An important part of our physiotherapy treatments is the diagnostic, in order to know exactly what is your issue and how the physiotherapist is going to treat it online. The physio will ask you a thorough series of questions about your injury or condition to get a really good idea of what might be going on. This translates really well to the online physiotherapy consultation as we can ask you all the important questions about the history of your injury or condition.

With the help of the video, the physiotherapist can do a visual assessment of your pathology, looking at your posture, your range of movement and your limitations. You will also be able to describe and show the painful area so the physio has a clear idea of what is painful and where.

The Online physiotherapist will then guide you through a series of safe movements and tests to collect more information about your body. This allows them to come up with the diagnosis, which will be the base of your video sessions program.

Online Physiotherapy, telehealth: Online physiotherapy treatment plan

From questioning and visual assessment, your physiotherapist will create a tailored treatment plan. As the physio consultation will be online, our online physiotherapist will create a treatment plan composed of exercises, stretching, reinforcement, resistance work and more. They will also prepare for you a series of exercises that you can do between sessions to optimise your recovery.

Online Physiotherapy, telehealth: Physiotherapy exercises

Before starting your exercises, the online physiotherapist will teach you all about your injury or condition so you know why you are doing the exercises.

There is a wide range of physiotherapy exercises that we can do online with the support of the video to be able to check if you do the exercises properly and to correct you if necessary:

  • Self-Massage for specific areas
  • Stretching
  • Resistance exercises
  • Specific physio exercises for specific conditions
  • Workout
  • Auto-Mobilisation
  • And advices

These are some of the main exercises that a physiotherapist needs to fix your issue and all the above can be done and corrected with your physiotherapist online.

The physiotherapist will also show you treatment techniques that you can carry on yourself and will put a program of exercises with you to make sure you that you move forward with your recovery.

Online Physiotherapy telehealth: the results

Physiotherapy online consultations are often known as telehealth and they’ve been used successfully for a number of years across a wide range of specialties such as Musculoskeletal conditions, post-surgery rehabilitation, paediatrics, pregnancy and women’s health, aged care.

With the Covid lockdown, more studies have been made on online physiotherapy treatments and research shows that online physiotherapy consultations are safe and effective. They can be done from the comfort of your home and they put you in the driving seat of your own recovery.

Which pathologies can be treated with online physiotherapy?

General online physiotherapy

Our Online Physiotherapist can treat the following

  • Online physiotherapy for Back pain
  • Online physiotherapy for Neck pain
  • Online physiotherapy for Sport injury
  • Online physiotherapy for Pain management
  • Online physiotherapy for Post-surgery
  • Online physiotherapy for older people with help of the family
  • Online physiotherapy for Stroke and neurology condition with help of the family
  • Online physiotherapy for Shoulder, Ankle, elbow pain
  • Online physiotherapy for Rheumatology

Online women’s health physiotherapy

Our Online Women’s Health Physiotherapist can treat the following

  • Online physiotherapy Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Online physiotherapy Pelvic pain
  • Online physiotherapy Prolapse
  • Online physiotherapy Incontinence
  • Online physiotherapy Abdominal reconditioning and diastasis recti
  • Online physiotherapy for pregnancy issue as spd and back pain

Online Paediatric physiotherapy

Our Online Paediatric Physiotherapist can treat the following, parents will have an important part in online paediatric treatments but it is a very good approach to have parents treating their baby safely under the supervision of the online physiotherapist.

  • Online physiotherapy for Feet deformation
  • Online physiotherapy for Torticollis
  • Online physiotherapy for Flat head
  • Online physiotherapy for Neuromotor immaturity
  • Online physiotherapy for Delay walking
  • Online physiotherapy for Developmental delay
  • Online physiotherapy for Cerebral palsy
  • Online physiotherapy for Hip dysplasia