35 millions days off sick were taken of ‘Musculoskeletal problems’ *

The cost for employers is very high, not only monetary but in terms of production as well.

We can help. If you are looking to invest in managing sickness absence, we have a wide range of offers tailored to your needs.


 *includes back pain, neck and upper limb problems and other musculoskeletal problems


Excellence Physiotherapy can help

Using preventive and curative physiotherapy at work

If you are concerned because significant numbers of your workers are affected by back problems,

or lengthy/multiple spells of sickness absence due to back pain, you could benefit from LHVP services

The benefits of using us include:

  • reducing the worker’s pain and difficulty;
  • reducing the time it takes for a worker to recover and return to work;
  • improved productivity and reduced costs of absence.

There is also evidence that benefits of providing early access to treatments, extra help where appropriate and

managing return to work outweigh the costs, when return to work from back pain is treated early.


Managing sickness abscence

Managing sickness absence can be facilitated with LHVP. Because we are one of the leading professional physiotherapy practice to come to your offices, you can not only prevent but also limit the level of sickness absence caused by muskuloskeletal problems (back pain, neck stiffness, upper limb).

Investing in managing sickness absence is the new solution for your company to cut costs.


Excellence Physiotherapy is a private practice committed to a high quality services and care for all adult orthopedics .We provide home or office visits all over London as well as treating patients at The Light Centre Moorgate.

Our mission is to help our patients to achieve optimal health and physical wellbeing.

As physical specialists, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care. We always strive to achieve the best possible physical therapy outcomes.

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, pain, fractures and post-operative rehabilitation.

We also specialise in ante & post natal care, helping women at work with their pregnancies.


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