Migraines and headaches, London osteopathy treatment

migraineMigraines are a form of headache located either on the left or right side of the brain. A throbbing pain is often accompanied with digestive issues (vomiting, nausea), sensitivity to noise and light, as well as neurological issues (blurred vision, acute sensitivity of the face).

Migraines appear sporadically and can last a few hours and up to three days.

Cause and effect factors are unknown and triggers can be multifactorial.
It is therefore necessary to study all those factors according to each individual case in order to find the appropriate treatment.

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Causes & triggers

In general, migraines are caused by vascular disorders within the skull and neurological issue such as face parathesias, visual disturbances or trouble concentrating.

What cause and trigger migraines is complex and causes are multiple thus it is difficult to single one cause out.

Most common triggers:

  • Hormonal (2/3 of women experience migraines related to their menstrual cycle)
  • Psychological (stress, anxiety, exhaustion)
  • Dietary (alcohol, hypoglycaemia, fasting, fats, chocolate, irregular meals)
  • Traumas (head trauma, fall landing on the coccyx, whiplash)
  • Behavioural (lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle)

Osteopathy treatment

The primary goal is to promote blood circulation in the body using specific manipulations, which will drain or regulate problematic tensions.

Most used Techniques:

  • Re harmonisation of the 3 diaphragms (cranial, thoracic, pelvic) to normalise tensions
  • If needed, check and treat coccyx
  • Treatment of the sacrum and internal organs (especially the stomach which is often in lesion and the uterus)
  • Drainage of the intracranial sinuses to optimise blood circulation

Treatment’s primary function is to restore function functionality by improving blood circulation within internal organs, joints or brain.

Causes that are mainly treated for migraines are head injuries, car accidents with whiplash, cervical trauma (sprains and fractures), fall landing on the coccyx or difficult birth deliveries impacting the pelvic area.

article by James Turgis Chartered Physiotherapist