Osteopathy Dalston E8

Osteopathy Dalston E8 at Home, Osteopath in Dalston E8 offering Home Visit Treatment for Men, Women & Pregnancy and Babies

Osteopathy Dalston E8 at Home for adults, babies and pregnant women

We offer Home Visit Osteopathy treatments in all the area of Dalston E8. Our osteopaths offer a wide range of osteopathy treatments: Back pain, neck pain, shoulder and other MSK osteopathy treatments for Adults. But our osteopaths also have a speciality in pregnancy related osteopathy and paediatrics baby cranial osteopathy.

To book an appointment with our Osteopath in Dalston E8 London

0207 125 0262 / 0782 455 3765

About Our Osteopaths in Dalston E8

Our Dalston E8 osteopaths studied osteopathy in France and UK and specialise in neck pain, back pain and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as osteopathy for sports injuries.

Our Dalston E8 osteopaths have treated athletes and are used to treat pain related to office work. Our osteopaths also treat migraines and can help reduce your pain efficiently.

Another of our osteopaths speciality is pregnancy osteopathy helping reducing pain for pregnant women conditions as lower back pain or pelvic girdle pain (SPD, PGP).

Last but not least our osteopaths have post grade training in paediatrics cranial baby osteopathy to treat all baby issues, from sleeping disorders to digestives issues as baby reflux, baby constipation and colic. They also give breastfeeding class, and course on how to carry your baby without damaging you back or your baby’s health.

Our London osteopaths speak fluent English and French.

Osteopathy in Dalston E8 & Health Insurance

Our osteopathy treatments are covered by health insurances and we are AXA ppp recognised: For AXA ppp, Home visit you will need a specific authorisation number for a Home Visit or travel fees will apply.

Opening time Osteopathy in Dalston E8 at home

We are open from Monday to Saturday but we also have osteopaths working on Sundays in Dalston E8 during the weekend. Depending of our osteopaths’ availabilities, we can arrange weekend, evening sessions and Emergency osteopathy treatment.

If you prefer to come in our osteopathy practice, we also offer osteopathy, physiotherapy, Pilates & personal training services in different locations of London: Light centre Belgravia, Westminster SW1, Light centre Moorgate EC2, Make Me Feel Clapham SW4

Which osteopathy treatment our osteopaths offer in Dalston E8

  • Neck Pain osteopathy Dalston E8
  • Back pain osteopathy Dalston E8
  • Osteopathy against stress and sleeping disorder Dalston E8
  • Osteopathy to treat migraines / headache Dalston E8
  • Shoulder Pain osteopathy Dalston E8
  • Sports osteopathy Dalston E8
  • Visceral osteopathy (digestive issue, stress, general wellbeing) Dalston E8
  • Facial palsy osteopathy treatment Dalston E8

Pregnancy osteopathy treatment Dalston E8

  • Rebalance your body after delivery.Dalston E8
  • Mother wrist tendinis ( De Quervains Tendinitis) Dalston E8
  • Epidural point douleur Dalston E8
  • Breathing difficulty Dalston E8
  • Blood circulation Dalston E8
  • Spd and PGP Dalston E8
  • Postnatal osteopathy treatment Dalston E8

Paediatric Osteopathy treatment Dalston E8

  • Baby Cranial osteopathy Dalston E8
  • Baby Sleeping disorder Dalston E8
  • Baby Reflux osteopathy treatment Dalston E8