Post surgery re-education

Respiratory rehabilitation

Elderly & Neurology

We offer home visit physiotherapy treatments & services for :


- Orthopaedic pathologies

- Rheumatologic pathologies

- Post surgery re-education

Back, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle

- Elderly who can't go to a clinic or prefer to have their treatment at home.





Sport Injuries

Sport Massage

One to one Fitness Session

Personal trainer

Back Pain

We offer home visit physiotherapy treatments & personal training for :


- Sport injuries: back, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle

- Sport massage for professionals and amateurs

- One to one fitness sessions with our registered fitness instructor (group sessions can be arranged)

- Back pain and back pain prevention






Comfort Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage

Women's Health

Babies Health

We offer home visit physiotherapy treatments & personal training for :


- Women's health: pelvic floor re-education & other

- Esthetic: massage & manual lymphatic drainage against cellulite & orange peel aspect skin

- Manual lymphatic drainage against swollen & heavy legs

- Comfort massage & deep tissue massage





London Neurologists


Mrs  Anne Mitchener
London Clinic 120 harley Street W1G7JW
01372 279174


Mr Peter Bullock
London Clinic 120 harley Street W1G7JW 


Mr Afshar
London Clinic 145 harley street W1G6BJ
020 7935 7505


London Orthopaedics


Mr Moyes    
Wellington hospital
Wellington place London NW8 9LE
0207323 0040


Dr Mark Rickman
Cromwell Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital
Earl’s Court/Gloucester road, 
30Devonshire Street W1G 6PU Baker Street
0207 908 3602
Dr Sean Curry
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry
0207 186 1005          

Dr John Outhwaite               
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry
0207 186 1004          


Mr Colin Natali        
Cromwell Hospital,
Earl’s Court/Gloucester road,
30 Devonshire Street W1G 6PU Baker Street
020 7357 6877


Mr Rohit Madhav
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: sports injuries, foot & ankle problems
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry
Dr Ralph Roger
Consultant in Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine
London Orthopaedic clinic
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry


Mr Lloyd Williams
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: foot and ankle specialist         
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry
Mr Patel        
Orthopaedic surgeon: knee and hip disorders, fractures and trauma
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 wimpole street, w1g9ry
Mr Youngman                      
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: lower limb.
Princess Grace hospital        
30 devonshire street , w1g6pu
0207 9083640                                                                                                        


Dr Brian Cohen         
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: surgery of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand          
London Orthopaedic clinic   
79 Wimpole Street,London W1G 9RY
Mr. Ian Anthony Bacarese-Hamilton                     
Trauma and orthopaedic surgery
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
The Whittington Hospital    
Highgate Hill N195NF London
020 7272 3070                                                                                            



Mr Carlos Eduardo Cobiella            
Orthopaedic surgery: Shoulder and elbow injuries, sports injuries
The Princess Grace Hospital, London
0800 707 6761          

Mr John Hardy         
Consultant Specialist in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
Cromwell Hospital, London


Mr Robin Pollock     
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: Knee and Hip    
The London Clinic    
5 Devonshire place W1G 6HL
Mr Samrendu Singh  
Orthopaedic and trauma: Foot & ankle disorders
The Lister hospital & London Bridge
020 7188 4443 


Dr Jonathan D Lucas
Consultant Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon
London Bridge hospital
27 tooley st se12pr
020 7188 4468

London private GP


Dr Ruhin Karim
Dr Karim's Clinic
10 Harley Street  W1G 9PF
020 7299 0379          


Dr Sebastian Renz                
Mount Ararat Road (Cnr Paradise Rd) 
Roseneath, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey TW10 6PA
020 8940 5009          


Mummy's Physio is also part of the Physio Practice Group

Mummy's Physio is a London physiotherapy practice specialising in pelvic floor rehabilitation and in the follow up of mothers during and after pregnancy. We are treating pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, swollen legs and feet, abdominal weakness and we help you to get back into shape. For the convenience of mothers we offer home visits in the whole area of London.

We founded this practice with the idea that every mother should have a pleasant pregnancy by avoiding the physical inconvenience related to it and that the consequences of giving birth should be minimised as much as possible.

Therefore we determined the main symptoms and consequences that pregnancy can bring and designed a specific treatment in order to relieve them.

We offer:

- pelvic floor dysfunction rehabilitation

- ante & post natal class

- abdominal reconditioning

- back pain treatment

- manual lymphatic drainage (swollen feet and legs)


For appointment & information call: 07748647355

Or please visit: www.mummysphysio.com

Baby Physio is also part of the Physio Practice Group

Baby Physio is a home visit physiotherapy practice specialised in paediatrics. Baby Physio is based on the model of the French paediatric and respiratory networks, which means that your baby is monitored from the beginning to the end of the illness by health specialists in contact with each other to ensure the best possible care.
To avoid any contamination between patients we offer home visits across London. All our chartered physiotherapists are specialised in paediatrics and speak French and English.

We mainly treat babies with respiratory conditions like bronchiolitis, bronchitis, chest infection, cold, asthma etc. using chest physiotherapy treatment which is the most effective technique to treat baby respiratory illnesses.

We also specialise in treating:
- Feet deformation
- Stiff neck, congenital torticollis and flattened head
- Neuro-motor delays


For appointment & information call: 07824553765

Or please visit: www.babyphysio.com

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